Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Seizures, Kidneys

I get out of the house on Thursday, wahoo! I need to schedule the city's SunVan (disability services) to take me to my neuro appt. That's lousy. That'll be around 3 extra hours of waiting time, which makes it likely I'll have seizures in public. There's also the chance of my chair dying, because, well, my chair is on its last...wheels, and there's nothing I can do about it. This may be the last time I see this neuro. Depends on what he does for this neuropathy. Then I'll cross the parking lot, pick up records at St. Joe's re: my several days of seizure testing (showed I have over a hundred a day), and records for the 5 days I spent in for the unexpected kidney surgery. I'm supposed to set up an appt to see a neurosurgeon at UMC regarding seizure surgery. I was also supposed to see a nephrologist (kidney specialist) last year and never did. I learned my lesson, since now my cardiologist is also in agreement that I have to see one, since he now has come to the conclusion that the problems are due to my kidneys not working properly.

Still, all I keep thinking is that I get to get out of the house. I'll take a crochet project. Shelby can keep me company. S helped me with a shower last week so I'm not TOO ripe as of yet. It's not like it's been 4, or 6, weeks like normal, right? *gags, blushes, ashamed* But that's life. It's hard to shower, even when someone is doing the washing for you. I still try to wash some of me myself while he does the rest, and it's exhausting and hard to breathe. It's a Godsend having a DH who can not only get things done but keep me focused on combat breathing at the same time. Know anyone who is home-bound? Jot them an email or even just an e-card. Let them know they haven't been forgotten. You will make their entire MONTH. I promise. Could stop a trail of tears.

When the kids came home the last day of school before break, they brought home the usual Easter Vacation activity packet, including a slip regarding an Easter egg hunt at the park, sponsored by Oasis. I was a bit surprised. I had wondered if they closed & joined in with another church or something. We did not receive the standard Christmas card, financial statement & voting thing that all members get every year to review, & we did not receive birthday cards. Between all of that, I guess we have received our final answer. Interesting. I was taught in class the only way members are removed is if they move and let them know they have settled in their new location and have found a new home church; the alternative is not a good thing and last I knew, had only occurred once which was when a membership was revoked due to a person's actions after leaders tried very hard to help the person; unfortunately, you can't help a person who does not want it, and the behavior was not going to stop. Our situation (reposted below) is nothing of that sort, and doesn't seem fair we get blacklisted.

*Pics: My daughter, age 9, won the drawing for an Easter basket at the local credit union. Awesome!

Pic of me. My hair is longer now but am ready to cut it off to this length again because of the massive itching all over. Having hair touch my skin makes it that much worse, not to mention it's the desert in late Spring and it's only going to get hotter. I shouldn't even be complaining already! Zipping my lips (appropriate for a zipperhead, yeah?)!


  1. I can't comment on your newest one so I am commenting here...hope that's okay! I get the itching, too. Sometimes, I dig at myself so badly that I end up bleeding. Is that part of the EDS? So far, I've been diagnosed with EDS, CCI, and Chiari. My decompression is the 29th. I get the itchies when I'm out sometimes and I know people think I'm going through heroin withdrawals or something. :-)

    Good luck with your appointment.


  2. Wow sorry to hear how hard things are for you...take care and I wish you all the best...
    Maca Teacher from Palmerston North New Zealand. x